The following poems, some multigenre, have been published, some winning awards:

  • Postcard from Key West, Florida

The Impulse Movement exhibition “Text me When You Get Home” Guide 46; 2021

Part of my “Postcards from Everywhere” series, this poem is called “Few Bouys are Brave Enough to Wear Fuchsia” and is a tribute to trans advocate, Julie Berman, who was murdered.

  • by mouth

Poem up at Prairie Fire Issue #42, here. Thank you so much Barbara Schott & the team @PrairieFireMag, the greatest editors around

  • Do Not Read In Bed

Privileged and gratful to have my work selected for “Backstory to the Poem” Blogspot by @ChristalACoope1 here.

  • 2 Erasure poems, w/ original artwork…

Up at Unlost Journal. Thank you Dale Wisely & @unlostjournal. I loved doing these

  • Lady Mondegreen

Published in Carousel Magazine @carouselmagazine as a Chain poem, Here; and Herein response to Roxanna Bennett’s CHAIN 3, the brilliant ‘Ménière’s Apophenia’ and the outstanding work linked before hers. Thanks to Mark Laliberte @OriginObscure for being an outstanding Editor.

  • Canada Geese;
  • diving bell

Published in Cagibi, 2021

  • break/ fast

Published in:- Proverse Press;Mingled Voices 5” (Special Mention) 2021

  • winter osprey

Published in Drunk Monkeys Literature 2020. Thank you so much @KolleenCarney & @drunkmonkeysweb

  • Notre Dame’s Bees

Published in Prospectus: A Literary Offering, 2020

  • I’ll plaice a fish in your lap

Published in:– Cagibi, 2020

  • gone birds

Published in:- Literary Review of Canada, 2020

  • Our Bodies Break into Fire Ants

Published in:- Banshee Lit, Issue 10, 2020

  • Postcard from Zambia

Published in:- Queen Mob’s Teahouse, 2020 Part of my “Postcards from Everywhere” series, this poem is called “When Two Elephants Fight, it’s the Grass That Suffers.”

  • Tracey’s Moon;
  • Voyageur;
  • The Riddle of Place, online here
  • shovel out the golden ones

Published in:-Foreign Literary, 2020

  • halfway between heaven & hard cement;
  • reflective constructs

Published in:-  Across the Margin, 2019

  • kindling

Published in:- Fish Publishing Poetry Prize, 2019 (Honorable Mention); Also on Poetry Archive

  • Do Not Read In Bed

Unpublished:- “It Will Not Be Simple Anthology,” Edited by Liz Declan and Christina Xiong, 2019

  • Haiku for Crow

Published in:- Haikuniverse, 2019

  • On Returning to Hawkshead

Published in:- Poetry of Place, 2019

  • The Grape Cape

Published in:- Visual Verse, Feb 2018

  • Shear

Published in:- Painted Bride Quarterly, 2018

  • Ghazal for Running Away from the Circus

Published in:- Pedestal Magazine, 2018

  • Camping in Concrete

Published in:- Feathertale Review, 2018

  • ammonite, unreconciled to extinction

Published in:- Connecticut River Review, 2018

  • savage lands

Published in:- Literary Review of Canada, 2018 (Notable Poem in Best Canadian Poetry 2019)

  • Aubade in May

Published in:- Proverse Press, Hong Kong, 2018 (Honorable Mention)

  • Funhouse;
  • Compadres;
  • In January In Alberta

Published in:- Grey Borders April Issue, 2018

  • let me sleep with knees

Published in:- Prelude, 2018

  • We’re All On Fire

Published in:– subterranean blue-Golden Oracle contest, 2018 (Honorable Mention)

  • Intersects

Published in:- Regal House Publishing, “Howling Up To the Sky” Anthology, 2018

  • bodyparts & recipes

Published in:- Riddled With Arrows, 2017 (Nominated for Sundress Best of the Net, 2018 – by email)

  • Dear St. Christopher;
  • White Skulls

Published in:- Digging Through the Fat: Community #25 – Promotion

  • trophy

Published in:- Salomé, 2017:-

  • freedom’s long walk

Published in:- Arc Poetry, 2017

  • dove

Published in:- Polar Expressions Publishing, Let’s Fly Away Anthology, 2017:- (Honourable Mention)

  • gratuitous;
  • When Her Heart Is Breaking

Published in:- Vine Leaves Press, A Collection of Vignettes from Across the Globe, 2017

  • White Skulls

Published in:- BonedA Collection of Skeletal Writings, 2017 

  • Man in a Shed

Published in:- The song is…, 2017


Published in:- Fall Lines (A Jasper Project), 2017

  • Desert Storm

Published in:- Pedestal Magazine, 2017

  • cover me;
  • sex in the tub;
  • american dream

Published in:- Anti-Herion Chic; 2017 

  • Number 99

Published in:- Forgotten Women, A Tribute in Poetry, Grayson Books, 2017; Nominated for a Pushcart (scroll down to Oct 12 in the link “Barrows’s”)

  • Echo

Published in:- The Centrifugal Eye, 10th Anniversary Issue,  A Celebration of Poets, 2017

  • Dear St. Christopher

Published in:- pioneertown literary journal, 2017

  • lucky rabbit’s foot

Princemere Poetry Prize, 2016: – (Finalist, unpublished)

  • Great White North

Published in:- Story Mirror, 2016

  • Rocks, at a Certain Latitude

Published in- Minola Review, 2016

  • Journeys (Young Boy);
  • Yucca Memories

Published in:Section8 Magazine, (defunct) 2016 and Derelict Lit, 2020

  • grey jeep
  • I am Coyote

Published in:- right hand pointing, 2016

  • refugee (now Nobody & The Bear)

National Poetry Contest 2015 (Longlist, Unpublished

  • In Our Bright New Coats

Malahat Review Open Season, 2015,(Finalist, Unpublished)

  • The Winning Side

Hawai’i Review Ian McMillan Poetry Contest, 2015, (Shortlist, unpublished)

  • Ganymede reads her mama’s text

Published in:- Codex, 2015

  • touch

Published in:- Main Street Rag, “Crossing Lines” Anthology, 2015

  • Leaving Vegas

Published in:- The Midwest Quarterly Vol 55 #2; Rural and Urban, 2014:

  • The Language of Jasper

Published in:- Canadian Literature; 2014

  • Foot, As Desert Landscape

Published in:- Lantern Journal (defunct) 2014

  • Wind Memory, Kenya;
  • Svidrigailov, you have not wound the clock…;
  • African Noon

Published in:- Kind of a Hurricane Press “Tic Toc” Anthology, 2014

  • shark’s teeth;
  • fear of falling

Published in:- Midwest Writing Centre – Mississippi Valley Contest; published in “Off Channel Vol 5”, 2014 (Finalist)

  • connections;
  • It’s hot and cold

Published in:- ditchpoetry; 2013

  • In Flanders’ Shadow

Published in:- War, Literature & the Arts; 2013

  • End of the Pier

Published in:- 3Elements Review; Issue 1, 2013

  • birds on wires

Published in:- Postcards, Poems & Prose, 2013

  • Through The Bridge Backwards

Published in:- Postcards, Poems & Prose “drawkcaB” Fiction Contest, 2013 (Winner)

  • Prospective, A Journal of Speculation; three editions:
    • 2013: – “Surrender the Sasquatch & No One Gets Hurt” Issue”:- coming of age
    • 2013: – “When Sirens Call” Issue:- Thelxie
    • 2012: – “What’s that Scuttling Down My Chimney” Issue:- a delicate silence
  • Envy

Published in:- Unshod Quills; 2013

  • When the Rhodesians Came

Published in:- Ascent Aspirations “What We Take Home” Contest, 2013 (Finalist)