kerry rawlinson is an autodidact… a writer of poetry & flash fiction, an artist, an art-photographer & a bloody-minded optimist. She was nibbled into her current shape by a Zambian gestation & Canadian maturation, and after a long career in Architectural Technology & Design whilst raising her family, she is now pursuing new passions: following Literature & Art’s Muses around the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, her long-suffering husband providing comedy breaks and reminding her to eat. kerry is a fan of avocados, walking barefoot, spending creative time and energy with her beloved grandkids, & visiting snug pubs. She is inspired by everything; and drives people crazy with constant questioning. kerry is driven to confront boundaries… & cartwheel.


My creative leaning is expressionistic, exposing the battle-lines of people vs place; examining the edges & intersects of nature/construct, culture/chaos, order/anarchy, failure/success; what emerges from people, collectively, and what happens when we’ve disappeared.

I photograph extensively, then dabble with various digital tools to develop and move each piece wherever it leads me. I never Photoshop, and often enhance pieces with acrylics or inks. My artwork and photography is signed, which was my father’s nickname for me. He, too, was a photographer, and I spent many magical hours in his darkroom while growing up.


Represented in Gallea
Represented in Contemporary Art Online Gallery