The following pieces have been published, some winning awards:

  • Attraversiamo

Glittery Literary Contest Winner, April 2020

  • Armed & Semi-Dangerous

Winner of the 2020 Edinburgh International Flash Fiction Award (sponsored by Scottish Arts Trust) here
The link to watch the brilliant Alan Cumming breathing life into my words, here (scroll to minute 53:50).

  • Jean Coutrot’s Birthday Party, 1939

Published in Storgy Magazine 2020

  • Chaos Theory

Published by Sunlight Press, here. 2020. Artwork also by me.
Many thanks to Rudri and Beth @rudribpatel and @sebburrell, and thank you to Mighty Martha and Angharad for allowing me into their story.

  • Friday Afternoon at the Hair Salon

Up at Centifictionist 2020

  • Carrie Contrary

up at Centifictionist 2020
gratitude to Clara @centifictionist, who has nominated this for Pelekinesis’ “Best Microfiction” anthology.

  • The Old Lady with the Gold Lame Pumps

X-R-A-Y Lit Magazine, 2019

  • Babies Are Naked – Then You Are

Lunate 2019

  • A Fistful of Nevermind

Clover & White, 2019

  • Picky Dirt

Spelk Fiction, 2019

  • Redemption By Degrees, Centigrade

Flash Fiction collection: Chaos Theory:- EllipsisZine, 2019 (Winner of 6-months Mentorship)

  • Thou Shalt Not Muzzle the Ox

Reflex Fiction, April 2019

  • Mexican Standoff at the Tenth

Reflex Fiction, 2018

  • Shoveling My Snow Does Not Make You Kind

New Flash Fiction Review– 7 Banned Words Microfeature, 2018

  • Good Morning, Death

Regal house Publishing “Howling Up To the Sky” Anthology, 2018

  • It’s Never A Good Time

PolarExpressions Publishing, The Stand Anthology, 2017 (Honourable Mention)

  • Mirror, Mirror

Speculative66, 2017

  • They Have Blood Oranges in Cyprus

fixional magazine, 2017

  • Currents

Reflex Fiction, 2017

  • Lost Mitten

Paragraph Planet, 2016

  • The Accountant’s Day Off

Reflex Fiction, 2017

  • Come

Brillliant Flash Fiction, 2016 (Longlist, unpublished)

  • Heaven At Last

Geist Postcard Contest, 2016 (Second place)