• a brutish numbing:- Winner, Princemere Poetry Prize 2023. My gratitude to the judges & Mark Stevick for this huge honour.
  • Butterfly Eggs: – Contemporary Verse 2 Foster Poetry Prize (Longlist, unpublished) 2024
  • worn, yellow linesBridport Poetry Prize, 2023 (shortlist, unpublished) a very prestigious award for which I still have goosebumps….
  • We’re All On Fire:– subterranian blue Golden Oracle Contest, 2018 (Honorable Mention)
  • bodyparts & recipes:Riddled With Arrows, 2017 (Nominated for Sundress Best of the Net, 2018 – by email)
  • Number 99:- Forgotten Women, A Tribute in Poetry, Grayson Books, 2017; Nominated for a Pushcart Prize (scroll down and go to Oct 12 in the link “Barrows”)
  • When the Rhodesians Came, published in Ascent Aspirations What We Take Home Contest, 2013 (Finalist)


  • Friday Afternoon at the Hair Salon:- Centifictionist, 2020 (Nominated Nov 10 for Pelekenetic Best Microfiction 2020)
  • Crimson Eyes are Watching:– LitMag Anton Chekhov Flash Fiction Award (Longlist, unpublished—email); also Honorable Mention for the Older Writers Grant, June 2018:- Speculative Literature Foundation
  • Redemption By Degrees, Centigrade:- EllipsisZine, 2019 (Winner of 6-months Mentorship)
  • Heaven At Last:- Geist Postcard Contest, 2016 (Second place)
  • Through the Bridge, Backwards:- Postcards, Poems & Prose drawkcaB Flash Fiction Contest, 2013: (Winner). Art: photo: White Bridge, WA.


  • Winter Reflections, Lake Okanagan:- Palette Poetry Emerging Poet, 2020 (Longlist)
  • Winter Reflections, Lake Okanagan; Beneath the Weeping Skin; Soundings:- Princemere Poetry Prize 2020, (Finalist) email Mark Stevick
  • (Pale Blue) Eyes Are Watching:- Grindstone, 2019 (Longlist)
  • Arktos/Exóriotos:- Room Poetry Contest, 2019 (Longlist)
  • The Winning Side:- Hawai’i Review Ian McMillan Poetry Contest, 2015 (Shortlist)


  • Sometimes the End is the Beginning:Sunspot “Culminations” Contest 2021 (shortlist, unpublished)
  • Am’ker #16:Fusion Art Figures And Faces Contest, 2016 (Third place)
  • Banff Tunnel #2:- Fusion Art Red, White & Blue Contest, 2016: (Finalist)

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